Padel Court


MONDAY TO THURSDAY PLAY FOR R250 (excluding holidays)


Experience an hour of exhilarating padel court action at the newly built Zebula Golf Estate and Spa. Nestled amidst the serene landscapes, the padel courts offer a blend of competitive and recreational play for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re refining your skills or enjoying a friendly match, the state-of-the-art courts provide a premium sporting environment. Book your slot now and immerse yourself in a lively padel session, all while soaking in the luxurious ambiance of the Zebula Golf Estate and Spa.

1 Hour playtime 

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Multi-court Etiquette


  1. Respect the Playing Area: Keep the court clean and free from litter. Don’t hang or lean on the goals, as it can cause damage.
  2. Adhere to Time Constraints: If others are waiting to use the court, be mindful of time limitations, and be ready to clear the court promptly.
  3. Use Appropriate Language: Maintain respectful language and tone, especially if playing with or around children.
  4. Consider the Surroundings: You are playing in a public area, be mindful of those around you, including bystanders or neighbors. Keep noise levels reasonable and know where the ball is being kicked.
  5. Use Appropriate Equipment: You are playing on a special Padel court, use the proper size ball and equipment to maintain the condition of the playing surface.
  6. Follow Any Specific Court Rules: Adhere to any posted rules or regulations specific to that facility.

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